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Arbitration Agreement

The Arbitration Agreementis a document brought into use for settling common disputes without involving the court. The agreement is a much cheaper and quicker way to resolve disputes as compared to the court. The ArbitrationAgreement might also be referred to as the Alternative Dispute Resolution or the ADR; however, please know that Arbitration is only one part of the ADR.

By creating an Arbitration Agreement before a legal dispute, both the parties involved in the dispute can avoid unnecessary costs and other inconveniences.

We offer an Arbitration Agreement template on our website to help make your lives easier. The agreement template identifies all the basic elements essential to the document. The template can be downloaded in a format of your choice. You can customize the text of the document as per your requirement.

The legal text of the document is revised and up-to-date. Please note that the document has been fully examined and verified by a legal attorney

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