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Affidavit Templates

An affidavit is a lawfully binding document that is used to declare a statement or a fact as the truth under the law. Affidavits are used for a wide variety of purposes such as for protecting your real estate ordeclaring the heirs of your property.

The truthfulness of the statement declared in the affidavit becomes lawfully punishable if violated as they are signed by a notary in presence of a witness.

Our Affidavit Templates can be used to draft a number of affidavits with pre-written legal text and generic language that you will need for one. All the important legal terms such as the Affiant, penalty of perjury, and witnesses have been included in the template.

You can draft an affidavit simply by inserting the specifics into the template of your choice and getting it signed by the notary. The templates are available in multiple downloadable formats and are easy to edit by yourself.

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