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Affidavit of Title

The Affidavit of Title is a document that declares an individual’s legal ownership of a certain property. It can be used when you are required to announce your ownership. One can also demand an Affidavit of Title before buying a certain property from an individual for reassurance, or to check if the for unpaid taxes, or liens.

Obtaining an Affidavit of Title is not a tough task; all you need is the document itself, and a notary public. This document, in some places, might also be referred to as the Seller’s Affidavit of Title.

We offer a ready-to-use legal template for the Affidavit of Title. It is fully customizable – upon download, you can fill in your details and modify the text as per your requirement.

The template is available for download in multiple formats. Please note that the legal text of the document is revised, updated, and verified by an acclaimed legal attorney.

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