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Affidavit of Service

The Affidavit of Service is a document used as a record of proof of the people/parties one has served documents to. The affidavit is employed by process servers – people who deliver court documents. The Affidavit of Service is also known by other names – the Affidavit for Service of Process, the Proof of Service, and Service Affidavit.

The Affidavit of Service proves that the process servers have followed through and completed their job. It proves that both the parties involved with the documents have been served. It is employed as proof if a party claims they’ve not been served documents.

We offer an Affidavit of Service template drafted by our legal experts. The document outlines all required details and is customizable. It is available for download in multiple formats for your convenience.

Please note that the legal text of the document is up-to-date. The document, in entirety, is examined and verified by an established attorney.

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