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Affidavit of Identity

The Affidavit of Identity is a document you use in order to prove your identity when requested in a court of law or a financial institution. It is advisable to create an Affidavit of Identity for the times when you require evidence of your identity and/or signature.

The Affidavit of Identity contains personal information such as your legal name, your date of birth, and your house address. This document is also referred to as an Identity Affidavit or the Notarized Affidavit of Identity.

Our Affidavit of Identity template has been carefully crafted by legal experts. It is downloadable in numerous formats. You can fill in your information and then print it. It is important for the affidavit to be witnessed, signed, and sealed by a notary.

The template contains legal text which is up-to-date and revised. Please note that the legal text is critically examined, revised, and verified by an attorney.

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